NUA Home School WASC Survey 2018-2019
Please complete the following survey to help us write our WASC self-study document and prepare for our Spring 2019 WASC accreditation visit.
We appreciate your time and input!
Your role with NUA Home School *
Comment on your knowledge of the school's learner outcomes (what we expect students to be able to do by the time they graduate).
Comment on the effectiveness of the school planning process to ensure that it is broad-based and collaborative, and that it involves a variety of school stakeholders, such as parents, students, and community members.
Comment on the students' access to a rigorous and relevant curriculum.
Comment on the degree to which parents, students, and staff collaborate in developing, monitoring, and changing a student's personal learning plan.
Comment on the degree to which the school ensures all students have access to real-world applications of academic topics.
Comment on how the school uses a variety of materials and resources and how this is demonstrated through student work and their engagement in learning.
Comment on the effectiveness of the school's assessment process. (This includes state assessments, NWEA/MAP, the writing test, and any other assessments used.)
Comment on how well you feel connected to the NUA Home School community.
Comment on how parents/guardians are involved with the school and are active partners in the learning process for students.
Comment on how parents/guardians have access to school personnel regarding all concerns.
Describe how the school regularly communicates to parents and other school community members.
Comment on the effectiveness of the school's practices and procedures for all aspects of student safety.
Comment on the extent to which the school has created an atmosphere of trust, caring, concern, and high expectations for students.
Comment on the quality and consistency of communication and collaboration between and among the school's leadership, staff, parents, students, and other school community members.
Comment of the effectiveness of the strategies used by the school to develop and implement personalized approaches to learning.
Explain how the school staff ensure that student learning needs are accurately identified in a timely manner, and that appropriate support services are provided to enable access to academic standards and the school wide learner outcomes for all students.
Comment on the availability to and involvement of students in curricular and co-curricular activities.
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