"Japanese Together" Self Level Checker
Are you not sure which course to apply for?

By checking your "Can-do" level in Japanese language, this level checker will guide you to see which of our classes might be suitable for your current level.

It may take around 15 minutes to complete. There are 3 topics included ("Family and Myself", "Food" and "Hobbies").

1. This is not a proficiency test. When applying for Japanese Together courses, you may need to undertake a separate placement test (written test + interview).

2. Completing the Level Checker does not register you for a Japanese Together course. Please go to http://jftor.org/language/classes/japanese_together/ to complete registration for the level you wish to join.

(* Some levels may not be offered in certain years, so if the level you are interested does not seem to be available, please contact us at koza@jftor.org or 416-966-1600 x 233 to find out when it will be offered next!)

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