G20 Webinar on Coal Biomass Cofiring Technologies to Accelerate Energy Transitions

Indonesia commits to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions from BaU level in 2030 by 29% (with its own effort) and by 41% (with international assistance) through the ratification of Paris Agreement which is reflected in the Indonesian Law No. 16/2016 by submitting the Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to UNFCCC. Almost 35% of CO2 emissions in Indonesia's energy sector are produced from power plants where 70% of them comes from coal-fired power plants. The using of biomass cofiring technology as a partial substitution of coal to be combusted in the power plant boiler becomes a solution in reducing CO2.

There are three main challenges in utilization of biomass waste in cofiring: the potential quantity of biomass must be substantial and its supply must be reliable; biomass characteristics should be comparable to coal, particularly in terms of grindability and calorific value; and the price of biomass must be economically acceptable. Fundamentally, this webinar is supposed to accelerate the implementation of cofiring as part of the energy transition in Indonesia and other G20 members.

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Event Timing: August 29th, 2022
Contact us at  kerjasama.tekmira@esdm.go.id
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