Webelos Resident Camp 2019
Pack 3322 Webelos Resident (Overnight) Camp will be Sunday, July 21 - Wednesday, July 24 at Camp Manatoc. Registration must be completed by July 6.

To register: 1) fill out the below form; 2) fill out part A and B of the BSA medical form (see Pack email regarding Day Camp for the link); 3) mail the medical form, a copy of your family's medical-insurance card, and a check for the proper amount (made out to "Pack 3322") to Greg Banig, the Webelos Camp Coordinator {mail to: 2693 Brunswick Ln, Hudson OH 44236}.

Webelos camp requires a 3:1 Scout-to-parent ratio, so we rely heavily on parent involvement. Please consider volunteering your time as a chaperone. Arrangements can be made for chaperones to trade-off, so they do not need to be there the entire time. Chaperones must have medical forms too.

Fees are as follows: Webelos = $175; Chaperons = $105 (may be shared between chaperones who trade-off).

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Sunday Afternoon 12pm-6pm
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Monday Morning 6:45am-12:30pm
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Monday Overnight 5:30pm-7am
Tuesday Morning 6:45am-12:30pm
Tuesday Afternoon 12pm-6pm
Tuesday Overnight 5:30pm-7am
Wednesday Morning 6:45am-12pm
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