Mentor Program
The TGDA mentorship program is designed to be flexible and to support the Australian tabletop designer community. It can cover all aspects of designing and self-publishing games, as well as other aspects of the business. Mentorships are coordinated through TGDA, but then it is left to the mentor and mentee to decide how to approach the relationship. Do you want a one-off session with feedback a month later? Or a monthly check-in? Maybe you have a big project and you need input and advice?

A typical mentorship lasts for about 3-5 hours, which can be spaced out over a period agreed between participants. If the mentorship continues longer, participants might want to consider multiple mentorships. There is a $50 fee paid by the mentee, which is split between an honorarium for mentor and to support the ongoing development of the program.

To apply for a mentorship (or if you want to put your hand up to offer your knowledge to others; or both!) fill out the form below, taking care to provide enough detail for us to find an appropriate mentor. One of our volunteer coordinators will contact you when we have matched you with a willing mentor/mentee, and allow you to discuss terms of your mentorship between the two of you. Once the mentorship is over, we ask for feedback so that we can improve the program.
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