2020 GUTM Application for Non-Profit Organizations
MISSION STATEMENT: The Greening Up the Mountains Festival is a celebration of spring through both traditional and contemporary forms of Appalachian art, music, food, and beverage which honor our community and local artisans.

As you know, the Greening Up The Mountains Festival has reached its maximum capacity for geographic growth. There just simply isn’t additional space for the festival to grow. This leaves the planning committee in the position of making hard decisions about how to improve the overall quality of the festival in our existing space. In order to increase the number of vendor booth spaces devoted to artisans and crafters, we are forced to decrease the number of spaces utilized by nonprofit organizations. Therefore, the committee has implemented the following guidelines for the acceptance of nonprofit organizations for the 2020 festival:

• Nonprofits who wish to participate in the festival will complete the online application. No payment is due at the time you submit your application.
• Once the committee has completed its review of the artisan, crafter, and food vendor applications, the committee will review applications for the nonprofit organizations and will accept applications based upon each organization’s alignment with the festival’s mission as stated above. Priority will be given to organizations who represent the arts.
• The number of nonprofits accepted will be contingent upon the number of vendor spaces remaining after all the artisans, crafters, and food vendors have been assigned.
• After priority has been given to nonprofits representing the arts, the committee will fill the remaining spaces with organizations which best fit with the overall mission of the festival. The committee’s decisions are final and there is no appeal process.
• Each organization is required to complete the application in its entirety, regardless of previous participation history. If you fail to fully and completely answer all the questions on the application, your application will be denied.
• All nonprofits who submit an application will receive a decision by April 1, 2020.
• Organizations whose applications are accepted must pay the application fee of $90 no later than 5:00 p.m. on April 15, 2020.

While the GUTM committee values all the nonprofit organizations that support our community, unfortunately, we are unable to accept all the applications that we receive.

Nonprofit organizations who send a team of three or more volunteers to assist on the day of the festival will be permitted to place information regarding their organization at the festival’s information booth on the day of the festival and will be recognized as a Sponsor at the Arts Level.

This application is not intended for use by any for-profit business or organization. If you are a for-profit business or organization and wish to participate in the festival, please visit our Sponsors page.

Any questions regarding this application can be submitted to the festival coordinator at greeningupthemountains@gmail.com.
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