Ping Chong + Company - NYC Youth Theater Project - Interview Application
Thank you for your interest in participating. Please read the below guidelines very carefully.

If you are unable to fulfill any of these guidelines, especially the time commitment required for rehearsals and production, please do not apply for an interview.

NOTE: You will not be judged on spelling or grammar. You can ask a friend to help you fill out this form. If you have questions or need more assistance in completing the form, please call 929.274.1518 or email If you'd rather complete this form via Microsoft Word, please download at and email it to us.

Application Deadline: 11:59PM EST, September 15, 2017.

You do not need previous performance, dance, or singing experience, but you must be willing to share your personal experiences on stage and in public. No memorization is required! The final cast members will be paid for their time.

Not everyone will be invited for an interview. An interview does not guarantee a spot in the final ensemble. For those who are selected, not every experience shared in the interview process will be included in the final production.

This process is about working collaboratively to create space to share and honor personal stories and challenge assumptions/stereotypes about what it means to become an adult in New York City. In order to make the most successful production possible, potential participants should be able to commit to the following:

• Willingness to share your personal experiences on stage and in public
• Ability to read a script in English. English does not need to be your first language, and no memorization is required.
• Willingness to talk openly about your life, family, culture and customs, and share thoughts in a public forum.
• Willingness to talk openly about cultural differences and identity issues, and make critical observations about the communities which you currently live.
• Willingness to allow others to express contrary opinions or political views.
• Ability to mindfully be present at and prompt to rehearsals, take direction related to theatrical performance, and collaboratively participate in a professional theatrical production.
• Willingness to respect and follow community agreements and boundaries designed to create safe(r) ensemble space in the development of a creative project.


• Availability for an initial interview in late September or early October, lasting approximately 2 hours. Availability, if requested, for 1-2 additional interviews lasting approximately 1.5 hours
• Availability, if selected for the show, for 4 weeks of afternoon/evening and weekend rehearsals (about 3 hours per rehearsal, 4 rehearsals per week) from December to early January
• Availability, if selected, for all technical rehearsals and performances from January 9-21, 2018 at The New Victory Theater for school and public audiences. 16 daytime and evening performances total.

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