Poll: Brendan Byrnes on Vinyl
Brendan Byrnes and Sevish will release a vinyl record featuring songs from their previous albums.

If you want to own a copy of this record, then help us decide what tracks to include!
Which Brendan Byrnes tracks would you like featured on a vinyl record?
Nice to have
Must have!
Sun and Shadows (Realism) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/sun-and-shadows
Falling Man (Realism) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/falling-man
Semantics (Realism) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/semantics
Melt (Realism) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/melt
Hysteria (Neutral Paradise) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/hysteria-3
Operator (Neutral Paradise) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/operator-3
Paradise (Neutral Paradise) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/paradise-2
Siolas (Micropangaea) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/siolas
Vacant City (Micropangaea) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/vacant-city
Zibra Island (Micropangaea) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/zibra-island
Geometric Shapes (Room Tapes) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/geometric-shapes
IFS (Room Tapes) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/ifs
Cave Dance (Room Tapes) https://brendanbyrnes.bandcamp.com/track/cave-dance
Clear selection
Any Brendan Byrnes tracks that you want that aren't listed above?
More info about the upcoming vinyl record
Soon we will kick off a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture the records.

All tracks will be specially mastered for vinyl.

Stay tuned as the campaign hasn't yet started.

By completing this form, you're helping us take the first steps. Thank you! :)
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