Recorded coaching session application
This application is to provide me a little info on you, what you're looking for in a coaching session, and check on logistics.

Please know that filling out this application is not a guarantee of receiving a session spot this month.

Note: I believe that that Black Lives Matter, love is love, trans rights are human rights, and COVID and climate change are real. You can learn more about me and check out the podcast at

If you're all good with all of that, please continue on!
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This is for me only. Your identity will be kept anonymous on the call.
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Do you understand and agree that this call will be recorded and may be shared on my podcast? *
We will use Zoom to record the call. Are you able to join our session in a quiet place with a strong internet connection? (I can edit interruptions but need the connection to be good and without background noise.) *
What are you willing for people to know about you? *
I don't need a lot of back information for a session, however it can be nice to give some info for people to connect with. (ex. Married, mom of 2 elementary age kids, in a city navigating virtual school and running a business. Highly empathic and enjoys making things. <- that's me)
What, if any, questions do you have about this call? *
Yay!!! Thank you for applying! You will receive an email from me within the week with next steps. Feel free to email me any questions at
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