I want to be to represent UUFA as a delegate to General Assembly (GA) 2018!
The deadline for submitting your name in nomination to be represent UUFA as a delegate for GA is April 30.
For more information from UUFA, go to http://uuathensga.org/blog/2018/02/21/general-assembly-matters-uufa-delegates/.
For more information about General Assembly 2018, go to https://www.uua.org/ga.
I am interested in attending General Assembly (GA) and will make a commitment to attend the general (business) sessions. *
I am interested in UUA denominational affairs. *
I am committed to bringing GA back to UUFA (including possible participation in GA worship service and Forum). *
I understand that UUFA has six delegate positions available, and if more than six people from UUFA want to be delegates that my name, if I answered "yes" to all the above questions, will be placed in a lottery at the May Board of Trustees meeting and that I will be notified thereafter of my delegate status. *
I am interested in being an on-site delegate representing UUFA. *
I am interested in being an off-site delegate representing UUFA. *
I am interested in being an alternate delegate representing UUFA. *
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