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Lead Promotion Advertising
Once you have created your Lead Promotion, you need to create an advertising strategy. The goal is to get your ideal customers to opt in to the lead promotion. So you need to use the platforms which your ideal customers use and you need to advertise in such a way that they will opt in.
Advertising channels
There are a number of different channels one could use to advertise. The key is to choose those that are used by your customers the most. This could include online channels (like Facebook and Google search), mass media channels (like Radio), and physical channels (like Posters in Store).

Paid advertising is a good option to use, but only if there is the budget for it and if there is a very clear and targeted approach with a strategy in place to analyse and measure the results. At this point we will not be able to cover this type of advertising.

However, there are tons of free/ low cost ways to create very targeted and effective advertising.


Facebook groups
Whatsapp groups and friends
Give existing customers an incentive to participate in the promotion and pass the advert along.
Include it in your email signature.
In Store Posters and flyers
Flyers in Postboxes in a specific geographic area
Flyers at traffic lights
Gumtree ads & Facebook marketplace
Set up a shop at a local market or at an event at which your ideal customers will be and hand out flyers as they buy from you or as people walk by.
Have a stall at a trade fair or convention.
Join a Local Meet Up & Networking groups
More examples:

Elite Chess Example

With Elite Chess, we decided to use Whatsapp and Facebook because these are the channels which all the club chess players use in South Africa. There are numerous chess groups on both Facebook and Whatsapp which Coach Dione is a part of. So he simply just advertised the promotion there.
Which channels do your ideal customers use the most?
Advertising Partnerships & Joint Ventures
The next important thing to consider is who you can partner with in order to increase the amount of ideal customers you reach. Is there a local brand, business, personality, blog, or organisation that you can work with in order to increase the reach of the advertising?

Also, are there local journalists, vloggers, or bloggers that would be interested in promoting your promotion to their readers?

Elite Chess Example

Coach Dione is friends with the guy who runs the South African Chess Hub, a free local resource for chess players in South Africa. So we formed an advertising partnership with them. They would advertise our promotion to their network and we would use their platform to facilitate the sign ups for our promotion in order to help increase their user base. It was a win win situation.
Elite Chess Advertising Partnership
Who can you partner with in order to increase the reach and effectiveness of your campaign?
What can you offer them as an incentive to partner with you?
Create a clear and well designed advert
Whatever type of channels you use, you need to design the advert to work well on those channels. It needs to be

Clear to understand the promotion
Easy to read
Simple to understand
Creatively designed
Fits the target market
Works on the chosen channels
Portray the brand positioning well

Elite Chess Example
In the example below you will see that everything is very clear. It can even be read without having to open it on Facebook and Whatsapp.
Elite Chess Example
Elite Chess Facebook Example
Elite Chess Whatsapp example
What type of advert(s) will you create?
What information will you include in your advert(s)?
Promotion Landing Page
Untitled Title
The final thing that you need to do is create a landing page for people to register for the promotion. Your advert should have a website link that people need to go to if they want to register for the promotion. So this landing page needs to be created.

The goal of the landing page is to help people register for the promotion. So it is important that there are not any other things to distract them on the page. It is okay if the normal menu links are on the page and footer, but other than that, only the promotion registration information should be on the page.

Why? Because you do not want people to get distracted with many things. The goal is for them to sign up, and so you need to focus on that on the page.

Elite Chess Example:
What will you include on your promotion landing page?
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