2020 Line Mountain Scholarship Letter of Recommendation
Hello! You have been selected to be a recommendation letter writer from an OMER applying for the Line Mountain Scholarship. A summary of the scholarship is included below so you can better understand the purpose and history of the scholarship.

The winner of the Line Mountain Scholarship will be notified before the Pennsylvania State Finals Tournament on April 4, 2020 and awarded the scholarship at the State Finals Award Ceremony.


Pennsylvania Odyssey of the Mind lost several members of its Odyssey family in a tragic accident in March 1998. Pennsylvania Odyssey of the Mind is proud to remember the young people from Line Mountain (Chad Hain, Jason Herrold, Kip Snyder, Amanda Wehry, Toni Wehry, Tyrone Wehry, David Wiest, and Toby Wiest) through the awarding of an annual scholarship of $2,500 dollars to one Pennsylvania senior who most nearly embodies the spirit of and demonstrates the creativity so coveted by Odyssey of the Mind. This scholarship will be paid directly to a post-secondary institution toward the student's tuition, room and board, or school-required fees. The scholarship is not based on financial need or academic performance. It is designed to allow students to demonstrate those talents, abilities and most of all, the CREATIVITY that PA Odyssey of the Mind values and cultivates in its participants.

Applicants must meet the following qualifications:

** Has been a member of any team(s) that has participated in regional competitions for three years or more. At least two of those years must have occurred in Pennsylvania.
** Application is not restricted to current year participants. Documentation of participation is required.
Is a high school senior or high school student who will be attending any postsecondary institution for the next academic year, allowing for students who will graduate early and not return to high school.
** Is continuing his/her education at a postsecondary institution for an academic year within one year of the date of high school graduation.
** Displays the Spirit of Odyssey of the Mind and submits a letter from a coach or membership contact person describing that spirit.
** Solves the following problem.
** In the event that the recipient cannot use the scholarship, it will go to a second choice applicant.
** Applicant must include valid e-mail address and phone number with submission.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: 11:59pm March 21st, 2020


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