DiscoveryBound Outreach Adult / All-Ages Events Financial Aid Application
Important Information - Please Read
Financial support is determined on household need. Grants for programs are awarded based on the amount specified on the web page for each specific program. They will be awarded based on the order in which applications and online registrations are received and we ask that they be kept strictly confidential.

After you've been notified about the amount of aid you've been granted, you may cancel your registration within 48hrs if the aid does not meet your needs. After that point, any cancellation would be subject to our standard cancellation policy and fees.

We are offering Financial Aid to adults and families for these programs:

- Adult National Event @ CedarS Camps, September 3-6, 2021
Up to $200 towards registration and up to 50% of flight costs with a max of $150.

- 20s/30s Spring Retreat at CLC, May 21-23, 2021
Up to $150 towards travel costs.

- All-Ages North Carolina Event May 22, 2021
Up to $25 per person if registering for ALL (the Whitewater Center Day, BBQ & Talk)
Up to $20 per person if registering for Whitewater Center Day ONLY
Up to $8 per person if registering for BBQ & Talk ONLY

Up to $150 for those needing to stay over night to attend the event. (will help with up to 50% of your hotel cost with a
maximum of $150)

- Adult Colorado Backpacking Trip, July 19-23, 2021
Up to $150 towards registration and up to $150 towards flights.
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