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Please take in mind, that we may publish this answer on Social Media together with your images. Tell us who and where you are and what you did for WTTD.  
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Please specify what has been your goals and if you have achieved them or not or if you even have achieved unexpected results.
What made your event popular?
Popular events have a high quantity of participants, both in terms of real numbers and potential.One of the main indicators is “hard to reach people”, that is to say, how were people addressed that normally don’t play table tennis.
What made your event universal?
Universal events are determined by the location where the event was organised, whether unusual, hard to reach or vast region covered.
What made your event inclusive?
Inclusive events are determined by the activities offered to mix up different target groups, target a special target group that might not be reached by mass participation events and this way make everybody participate of World Table Tennis Day.
Do you think your event was creative? Why?
This category is for all those who show creative ideas to make Table Tennis popular, universal and inclusive. Indicators are unusual activities, places, promotional campaigns, etc. Creative events give examples about “what else can be done”.
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Please tell us how your WTTD was like, what did you do?
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