SIGN ON LETTER: Muslim, South Asian and Middle Eastern-American Organizations and Activists + Allies Stand with Zahra Billoo #IMarchwithZahra

We, Muslim and allied organizers, stand with Zahra Billoo in the face of the vote to remove her from Women’s March national board after a Islamophobic smear campaign. We call on Women’s March to reinstate Zahra Billoo to the national board.

After Women’s March announced the new board members, the attacks on Zahra were distinct. They were textbook cases of Islamophobia and racism. They were distinguishable from the comments about other inspiring organizers taking on these positions on the new Board. To put it plainly, they were overt racism by racists. They relied on Islamophobic and Orientalist tropes that are some of the most disgusting ways to attack a person of Muslim identity.

Zahra is a tireless advocate in locally and nationally. She is with us in the streets when we are working with refugees in our communities, when we are sick with fatigue from knocking on politicians’ doors, and when we are comforting the trauma of this work in our peoples. When there are no resources, and no help, she is there, and she is fighting. She always has our back and now it is time we have hers.

Like so many, we deeply value the work of Women’s March and know the struggles against racism and misogyny to be inextricable. That is why we cannot be silent in the face of this decision. The movement for women, must include all women, especially Muslim women of color.

In the Trump era, there is no space for bending to the will of racists and Islamophobes. Our communities are being attacked as we speak. As this letter is sent, the Muslim and Refugee Ban continues to ravage our communities, Kashmir is under attack, and the recent Israeli election results ensure another era of colonial violence on Palestine. We know we must join together to uplift the most marginalized voices of our communities now more than ever.

We call on Women’s March to reinstate Zahra Billoo to it’s national board so that the vital work can continue.

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