What Are YOU #BaonanasFOR?
bao•na•nas \ˈbau̇-ˈna-nəz\ : (transitive verb) to feel delight beyond measure at the thought or action of a specific hobby, passion, dream, or goal

When Trisha and Lloyd started #Baonanas, we were college kids with nothing but a hashtag selling our homemade banana pudding to fix our car. We've been blessed with something that we're #baonanas for, #Baonanas! Thanks to you, #Baonanas is heavily rooted in our community, and in our journey so far, we have met so many amazing people who have a lot of great stories to tell. Our goal with this is to combine our belief in the pursuit of happiness and to chat with inspiring people who put their heart into whatever they're #baonanas for. Whether it's dance, accounting, finger painting, molecular biology, cycling, woodworking, being an EMT, yoga, music, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we want to hear and share YOUR story exactly how you want to tell it!

Click here to learn what others are #baonanas for: http://www.baonanas.com/waybf/

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