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Children using Abacus are found to be superior in the accuracy of their memory and the number of digits they are able to memorize when compared with non-abacus learners of the same age. This is because the abacus children place numbers on the abacus image in their head as they mentally calculate with abacus method. It improves the image memory. It becomes easier for the children to do mental maths quickly with accuracy.

For beginner level, at the end of this semester, Children can use an abacus to do easy calculation (addition and subtraction). They can do two-digit straight addition and straight subtraction. For students who continue abacus class, they will learn learn more advanced calculation, such as how to borrow and carry number. Building up the child's hand and brain coordination action. Wisdom of the opening number, and promote healthy development throughout the brain.

Instructor: YYLC teacher Mrs. Li and Ms. Liu

Class Size: 4-6

Tuition Fee: $190

(12 classes, 30 minutes per class. From week of January 8th and go through the week of March 26th)

Available Class Schedule at Park Street
Available Class Schedule at Central Loc
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