Share House 투어신청서(Tour Application form)
Tour 및 인터뷰 용으로 사용(For house tour and the interview) & 회신은 e-mail로 드립니다. This application will be used for House tour and the interview, and we will reply to your request by e-mail.
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실제 입주를 희망하는 날짜와 시간을 적어주세요.(입주 가능 시간은 오후 4시 이후 입니다.)
선호 하우스(Preferred House)
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저희를 어떻게 찾게 되었나요? How did you find us? *
최근 집을 구하실 때 어떤 거주형태를 찾아보셨나요? What type of housings have you looked for when searched for your home recently? *
지금까지 어떤 곳에서 살아보셨나요? 왜 쉐어하우스 거주를 희망하시나요? What kind of housings have you lived in so far, and Why did you choose a "Share House" as your choice for housing? *
함께 지낼 입주민과 나누고 싶은 취미나 경험들이 있나요? What kind of things / experiences do you wish to share with your house mates? *
저희 쉐어하우스를 거주지로 희망하는 이유는 무엇인가요? What are the factors that have led you to OneNam206 or 1stHQ for your next choice? *
간단한 자기소개 부탁드립니다. We would like to know you better, please tell us about yourself. *
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