2020 Wheelhouse Institute Cohort Application
Now, more than ever, we need visionary women leaders. To address inequality and injustice, women around the world are re-asserting their power to lead across climate and environment. Successful leadership requires skills, confidence, and support, and that is what Wheelhouse Institute provides.

Leaders often are in undefined fields because they have carved out a unique niche. We understand that leadership is a characteristic not a job. The Wheelhouse Institute will select a cohort based on diversity, ability to engage, desire to share and benefit from unique skills, and passion to create a culture shift towards interdisciplinary leadership. Twice during the year, the cohort will meet in Big Sky, Montana. Every month, cohort members will have either an all-group online meeting or a one-on-one check in. Cohorts will be able to use the cohort as their personal leadership team as they evolve projects, both individually and collaboratively.

Identify as a woman
Be able to attend all in person gatherings and monthly group call in between December 2019 and December 2020
Be generous with skills and excited to learn and network!
Sci/art/communication/justice curious
Excitement for fostering a change in the culture of women’s leadership
Residing within the United States

Required attendance activities:
In-person workshop #1: Big Sky, MT DATES (late January?)
In-person workshop #2: Big Sky, MT DATES (late August?)
Group online meetings:
December 2019 DATE/TIME
March 2020 DATE/TIME
May 2020 DATE/TIME
July 2020 DATE/TIME
October 2020 DATE/TIME
December 2020 DATE/TIME

Required effort activities:
Monthly 1-hour 1-on-1 with other cohort member: February-December
Complete 2-3 WHI surveys (first in November 2019, last in January 2021)
Prepare a skill sharing activity (1 hour length) for both in-person workshops
Workshop at least one project during a monthly online meeting

Applications available: May 15
Applications due: July 1
Cohort selection announced: August 1, 2019

Questions? Please contact wheelhouse.institute@gmail.com

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