HAIS Learning Journey
Mahalo for your interest in hosting a Learning Journey. It is through this collaboration of schools that we can improve practice through observation and reflection, while building further connections among colleagues from HAIS member schools. The goal of the Learning Journey is to observe the space while it is in use, while being mindful of the challenge of being away from one’s own school.

Responsibilities of the Host School-
School visits will ideally occur either at the start of the school day or at the end. During the site visits, participants will be asked to make non-evaluative observations, avoiding qualitative judgments about what they see.

Each site visit will follow the following format:
• 15 minutes - introduction/background by the host
• 45 minutes - 1 hour of observing the space in action
• 30 minutes – debrief and sharing of observations
Total time at each site will be approximately 1 1/2 hours

Please complete this form by Friday, August 9, 2019, if your school would like to host a fall/spring Learning Journey. Once we have identified the host schools, we will open registration for participation by educators from member schools.

For questions contact Deanna D'Olier at ddolier@hais.us - 808-973-1534
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Main Point of Contact
Please provide the following information for the main point of contact for the HAIS Learning Walk. Please Note: This is the person that will be listed as the "Who to Contact" for anybody that has questions.
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Preferred Month
Please select the month that would work best for your school. If your schools is selected to be a part of the Learning Journey we will work with the Main Point of Contact to find a date and time. If any month would work for your school please select "No Preference."
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Thank you for completing the interest form. We will do our best to schedule a Learning Journey at your school this fall or spring. We will be in touch in mid-September with next steps.
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