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Terms and Conditions of Membership
The purpose of the terms and conditions is to set out a framework for membership and cooperation between members of Incredible Edible Lambeth.

1. Members respect our vision and values, set out here:
2. Membership for individuals and groups who are interested/active in food system change in Lambeth and beyond.
3. Membership is free. Any change to this would be made by the Incredible Edible Lambeth board of directors.
4. Any decision to terminate membership would be made by the Incredible Edible Lambeth board of directors. Membership would be terminated where a member was deemed to have breached these Terms and Conditions.

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How can we help you?
Our entire mission centres around you. We want to support you to grow more food, connect with people across Lambeth’s communities, and to help the environment. Together we’re hoping to nuture a greener, healthier, happier Lambeth.

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