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Welcome to Channel Acupuncture & Herbs, LLC, a holistic healthcare clinic focusing on acupuncture & natural healing arts.

Offerings include traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment along with Asian modalities that are used in combination with, or in lieu of acupuncture. These include moxibustion (herbal warming over points), cupping, gua sha (a vigorous rubbing technique along channels to disperse stagnation), auriculotherapy (placement of seeds or needles on the external ear) and electroacupuncture (calibrated electrical stimulation on needles).

Michelle Thelen, L.Ac. MSTOM is trained in nutrition and herbal medicine and is able to offer consultations with or without acupuncture treatment, when indicated.

Referrals are made to those patients who may need or require additional or alternative therapies. Michelle works hard to keep a list of ethical practitioners in allopathic and alternative medicine and she welcomes your personal referrals to aid towards the goal of advancing health and wellness.

Specialties of this office are: orofacial and jaw pain, women's health disorders, stress and anxiety disorders, orthopedic and musculoskeletal disorders, and immune-related imbalance. While Michelle has specialized training in the above-named disciplines she is also able to treat other health issues. Note that anxiety and stress are typically considered a part of treatment, as the mental-emotional state affects the body no matter what other problems may present.

This form includes specialized intakes for each of the above-named health issues, and you will be directed to the appropriate section based on your response. If any questions do not apply to you, please feel free to skip to the following question on the form.

Services are offered to any person regardless of sex, race, color, income, national origin, age, ability or disability, marital status, gender, familial situation, religion, size and shape, sexual orientation, veterans status, political beliefs or any differences of any kind. Adjustments in fees, as well as discounted services are available in certain circumstances.

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