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2018 Call for scores

Opening date: Sunday 1 April 2018
Closing date: Friday 30 November 2018 (11:59PM Australian Eastern Standard Time)

Miyama & Ryan are calling for scores to premiere on their tour of Japan & Australia during September 2019. Chosen works will be performed in concerts in Melbourne, Tasmania, Brisbane, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka & Kagawa.

Open to works for recorder solo, koto solo or recorder & koto duo :: Works can be previously performed or published

Works with electronics will be considered

If providing a work with text, please ensure you have access to the relevant copyrights and approvals to use this text
If applicable please list the author of the text

Maximum duration: 20 minutes.

You must have a google account to upload your score to this form. If you don't, send the required information and score attachment to ryanwilliamsrecorders@live.com

Any questions email: ryanwilliamsrecorders@live.com
Check out a video of Miyama & Ryan improvising: https://youtu.be/njprDnf0EIk

MIYAMA: 17-string bass koto, 13-string koto

For more information on writing for koto contact Miyama: miyama.mcqt@gmail.com

RYAN: Many different types of recorders are available. Other recorder types not on the list below can be acquired if necessary.

RENAISSANCE design: (all at A=440hz)
Soprano in C, Alto in F & G, Tenor in C, Basset in F & G, Bass in C

TRANSITIONAL design: (Renaissance-Baroque)
Alto in G at A=440Hz

BAROQUE design:
A=440Hz - Garklein in C, Sopranino in F, Soprano in C, Alto in F, Tenor in C, Basset in F
A=415Hz - Alto in F (Can use as an Alto in E at A=440Hz), Tenor in D (C# etc), Tenor in C (B etc), Tenor in Bb (A etc)
A=392Hz - Soprano in C (Can use as Soprano in Bb at A=440Hz)

MODERN design:
Paetzold contrabass in F (A=440Hz)
G Ganassi (3 joints, A=415, 440, 466)
C Ganassi (2 joints, A=415, 440)

For more information on writing for recorder visit: http://instrumentalways.com/ or contact Ryan: ryanwilliamsrecorders@live.com

Submission Deadline: Friday 30 November 2018 (11:59PM Australian Eastern Standard Time)
No entry fee / No age limit
You may submit multiple works.
The selection will be made by Monday 17 December 2018. The result will be announced on Miyama's and Ryan's websites and the Duo's facebook page. The result will also be communicated to all successful participants via email individually.
Approximately 6 pieces will be chosen to be performed throughout the tour.

INFORMATION for Selected Works & Composers

All rights of the selected works will remain with the composers, except for the performance right ONLY for the tour of Japan & Australia during September 2019. Dates tbc.
There will be no cash prize.
Rehearsal for composers residing outside of Japan or Australia will be done through recording correspondence or on web streaming.
Composers are encouraged to come to the concerts, however, composers must pay travel expenses themselves.
A recording of each work chosen will be supplied to the successful composers.

Application Form
please fill out the form below, and submit your work.
The score must be in PDF format (Not sib / mus files)
your work’s file name has to be
(your-name)_(title).pdf e.g.) Sarah Blasko_All I Want.pdf
Name *
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Nationality *
Title of submitted work *
Short description
Submit your score *
I agree that the performance right of the submitted work will transfer to Miyama & Ryan for multiple performances during September 2019. (The right will immediately re-transfer to the composer after the performances.) This agreement is only valid when the submitted work is selected. *
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