Port Macquarie Sharks Rep' Trials
2021 State Cup - 19th, 20th, 21st of March 2021 Cost per player is $185 (inc. playing kit, rego', admin' fee) Trial dates - Sunday, 22th November (9-10:30am) Tuesday, 24th November (5:30-7pm)
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You understand that you MUST play a minimum of 7 games in one team in the current Summer 20/21 season (or have played them in Winter 20) to qualify. If you do not meet this QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENT, you will be withdrawn from the team.
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Are you available to trial on one or both of these dates? Sunday, 22th November (9-10:30am) Tuesday, 24th November (5:30-7pm) It is compulsory to attend at least one of the two trial dates. If unavailable for both, you must email portseniors@oztag.com.au and it will then be up to the selectors & coach as to whether you will be considered for selection. *
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Are you able to commit to the dates of the tournament? 19th, 20th, 21st of March 2021 *
Are you prepared to commit to weekly training sessions, and make payments by due dates? *
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