El Dorado County Library Survey
Please help us improve our library services by filling out this survey.
What community do you live in?
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What do you love about your community?
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What is your biggest concern about your community?
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The Library provides good value for the tax dollars invested.
The Library is a trusted and important community asset.
Libraries have been replaced by the internet.
Libraries help to bring communities together.
Kids don't read anymore.
Do you pay a special El Dorado County parcel tax for library services?
If no, would you approve of a library tax for library services?
The library relies on the Friends of the Library in order to purchase library books and materials. Do you have any ideas for sustainable ongoing library funding?
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If you are a library user, please rate your overall library experience from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best.
If you are not a library user, please let us know why not.
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Do you use other libraries outside of El Dorado County? What do you like about them?
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The library branch I use most is:
I would like more open hours. Please check all that apply.
More open days
More AM hours
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I would like more books and other items to check out. Please check all that apply.
I would like more spaces. Please check all that apply.
I would like more programs and services. Please check all that apply.
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