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Interested in joining our afternoon tea?

Let's meet online, either on Fridays or Saturdays at 5 PM.

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Get passes for 1, 3 or 4 events:
One (1)Tea party pass - $300 (AR$) -
Three (3) Tea parties pass- $850 (ARG$) -
Four (4) Tea parties pass- $1000 (ARG$) -
Passes are meant to be used by the same participant on different dates.

You can choose to participate either on the groups joing on Fridays or the ones on Saturdays. Our booking policy is first come - fist served so groups will be confirmed according to your registration time and date.

Subscriptions are personal and non-transferable.

We accept bank transfers or Mercadopago payments.

Once we get your payment confirmation we will email you back more details about the Tea Party, the meeting ID and password.

Any further questions or concerns? Do not hesitate to contact us at :

The CII Team
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English Immersion Camps - Ireland & UK Discovery Trails - South Africa Discovery Trails - Interships (Work&Travel) - Culture and Language Faciltators
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One (1)Tea party - $300 (AR$) - Three (3) Tea parties - $850 (ARG$) - Four (4) Tea parties - $1000 (ARG$) - Passes are meant to be used by the same participant on different dates. They are personal and non-transferable.
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Banco Itaú

Colonias de Inmersión al Idioma S.A

Sucursal: 105 (Puerto Madero)

Cuit: 30-71186643-0

CBU: 2590105210323137510042

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