May Monthly: Youth of Malaysia


Exploring Ethnic Issues in Contemporary Malaysia



在 GNA 五月份的月度活動中,我們邀請「大馬青年」一起和我們談談馬來西亞的族群議題,包括近期的爭議與族群間的對話,希望透過這次的工作坊,不只更認識馬來西亞的族群議題,也讓我們重新思考族群、國族與國家間的關係


For May’s “GNA monthly” event we will invite "Youth of Malaysia” to share with us about ethnic issues in Malaysia, including recent controversies and inter-ethnic dialogue. We hope that through this event, we will not only understand ethnic groups in Malaysia better but also through open discussion we can rethink the relationship between ethnic groups, nations and countries.

  • 活動語言:中文
  • 活動日期:2024年5月23日(週四)
  • 活動時間:19:00-21:00
  • 活動地點:台北,活動地址會另外以郵件發送

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About "Youth of Malaysia"

《大馬青年》創刊於 1983 年的台灣,由學生組織「大馬青年社」負責籌辦,透過馬來西亞旅台同學會撥款發行,提供旅台馬來西亞青年發表學術論文、文學創作、言論文章的平台,並製作採訪專題探討家鄉時下公共議題。



"Youth of Malaysia" (大馬青年) was established in Taiwan in 1983 to provided a platform for Malaysian youth in Taiwan to publish academic papers, literary creations, and opinion articles, as well as to produce interviews and feature stories on current public issues in their homeland.

In 2020, "Youth of Malaysia" was relaunched, as an online platform to gather the diverse voices of Malaysian students in Taiwan. Through their platform they aim to foster engagement in a wide array of discussions, while they also actively participate in various gatherings, marches, lectures, and book clubs to support the social issues they care about.

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