Brown Chemistry Anonymous Climate Form
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For Immediate Concerns
If you are concerned about the immediate health and safety of yourself or someone else, do not complete this online form. Please call 911 or Brown Police on their emergency line, 401-863-4111 (34111 from a desk phone within the Chemistry Department). For information about filing a complaint, please contact the Brown Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity (
This form is designed to gather anonymous feedback from the broader Chemistry Department community regarding incidents of bias within the department, including but not limited to microaggressions and other behaviors perceived to be demeaning to others on the basis of gender, race, or sexual identity or unwanted sexual advances. Responses will be used to gauge the climate within the department and to shape department policy. They will therefore be viewed in the aggregate. This is not a vehicle for addressing specific concerns.

To report incidents that need direct attention, please contact either the Chemistry Department Chair, Prof. Lai-Sheng Wang at 401-863-3389 or by emailing, or email the Chemistry Department Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee Chair, Prof. Brenda Rubenstein, at  
Privacy Statement
Responses will be collected, electronically scrubbed for any identifying information, reviewed by DIAC Chair, Prof. Rubenstein, and Chemistry/DEEPS Computing Coordinator, Dr. David Blair, and periodically presented in the aggregate at Chemistry Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee monthly meetings. The Department/University will strive to protect, to the greatest extent possible, the confidentiality of persons submitting these comments and of those involved in any specific incident mentioned. Because the Department may have an obligation to address certain reported incidents, however, the Department cannot guarantee complete confidentiality where it would conflict with the Department’s obligation to investigate meaningfully or, where warranted, take corrective action. Even when some disclosure of the Department’s information or sources is necessary, it will be limited to the extent possible. Examples of circumstances in which the Department/University may not be able to maintain confidentiality include:

• If we believe you or someone else is at risk for physical harm
• If more than one report is submitted on a single concern
• If reported concerns suggest a trend (e.g., substantial bias incidents continually occur in a certain class, with a specific instructor, etc.)

Regardless of the situation, personal information will only be shared with individuals with a legitimate need to know, in compliance with University policy.
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