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Puppy or Available Adult Application. Note: If your email address or phone number is incorrect then you may not receive a response. There are no wrong answers. These questions are designed to help us match you with the right puppy.

How to fill out this form:
-Not all questions apply to everyone who applies.
-In today's world of 'brokers', liability, and people surrendering dogs to rescues an application and contract has become part of the 'normal' process.
- Do not feel this is a test. There are no wrong answers. There is no reason to feel you must answer all these questions in one sitting.
- If you feel better having a print copy please let us know. I will send you a printable version.

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About BlackRidge and Our
For more information please read the About Page
Our puppies are guaranteed healthy at the time you pick them up. All dogs are guaranteed against genetic HD and DM, as well as any disease that is passed on genetically for 3 years. Our full guarantee will be shared after you fill in this form.

Show puppies are guaranteed to finish with the proper training and care. All our dogs are Duel Registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and the United Kennel Club

Our trained dogs are guaranteed to perform, and we offer yearly assessments if you wish.

Sport puppies are guaranteed for 1 year, to maintain their drive and trainability, if a) you have experience with sport dogs or, b) you follow our program for behavior and conditioning.

We believe that all German Shepherds should retain their guarding instinct, but still be 'solid' enough to perform in public, off leash. Our breeding stock is constantly put to the test. However, we do not feel that a German Shepherd should need hours of exercise and training daily or else it aggressive/destructive. We do not believe a German Shepherd should ever be aggressive to its family. We do not believe a German Shepherd should be so 'hard to handle' that a family cannot take it anywhere, exercising common sense. This is why you will never see Sch titles in our bloodlines. These dogs are bred, and raised for 'bite work'. We've seen too many people who are afraid of their shepherds, even puppies, to want to add this to our bloodlines. Many of our dogs have put their lives on the line protecting their families, and are still safe around well-mannered children.

We will maintain the standards of the Canadian Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, The Kennel Club (England), and The American Kennel Club. Including the Standards of The German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada and will never breed for extreme over angulation or roached backs, as is popular in many imports/German bloodlines. Our dogs will be bred with health and beauty in mind.

Raising and Care of Puppies
We give our puppies the best care. All puppies are raised to Service Dog and Alert Dog Standards. Sport dog prospects will be raised to that standards. We work to start house breaking all puppies at 30 days. All basic obedience training and 'imprinting' calm, focus, follow, tolerance (of handling) and confidence. All puppies will be Volhart tested at 47 days. Service Dog prospects will be taught to alert. All other puppies will be started on 'scent detection'.

Puppies will have their first shots, been wormed, and health checked before delivery.

We offer free training at our training facility, online support, and a copy of Suzanne Wiebe's START Program books with your puppy.

All puppies come with a travel crate, 1 week food, and toys. All puppies are Canadian Kennel Club Registered. Sport Puppies and Show Puppies will also be United Kennel Club.

Forever Homes
We work to put our amazing dogs in forever homes. If you can no longer take care of your dog we will rehome it for you. We do not want to see any of our dogs go into a rescue, or placed through Classifieds. If we can find a buyer for your puppy we will take training/vet/board and refund the rest of the money.

We occasionally place show and sport prospects into Guardian Homes. This is a co-owner agreement with you owning the dog outright after 1 - 2 litters.

Because of our dedication to put our great puppies into wonderful homes, we may not show you more than 1 or 2 puppies. We will not show you puppies you cannot afford, or who are not suitable to your home.

I have never been charged or convicted of animal negligence or abuse. I have never had a dog removed from my property by law enforcement or animal control. *
I give Suzanne Wiebe and agents of BlackRidge permission to use any means they deem fit to verify the information given on this form, including talking to friends, family and associates, references and people my references may suggest I talk to. *
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