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*NOTE* The Roots Rewards Program is now active!
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In order to join the Roots Rewards program you must be signed up for one of our pre-payment plans. You will be billed for the pre-payment amount selected below upon your next order. Subsequent orders will then be subtracted from your balance. Once your account dips below $0 you will be billed your original pre-payment amount. These pre-payments help us finance early season costs for our farmers and make small investments into their operations. For more information please refer to our pre-payment page here:  . If you cancel your Philly Foodworks account, you will be refunded the remaining pre-payment balance on your account. *
Do you understand that the Roots Rewards membership costs $15/month and will be billed within the first five days of the month? (for your first month, you will be billed at a pro-rated amount based on when in the month you sign up) *
Do you understand that in order to cancel your Roots Rewards membership you must email *
Thank you for singing up for the Philly Foodworks Roots Rewards Membership. You will now enjoy free home delivery and a $20 order minimum. Thank you for investing in the local food system. You are the local food movement! Go to to shop our market for the largest selection of local food in the Philadelphia area.
Updating memberships is a manual process for us. Our team applies Roots Rewards memberships to customer accounts by Monday. In the event you are billed a delivery fee for an order placed after your sign up date, please follow up with us and we will be happy to credit your account! We thank you for your understanding.
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