KAS 體育活動/團隊參加需知與同意表 2020-21 學年 (Please list Parent/Guardian's Email address below / 請填寫家長/監護人聯絡電子郵件)
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Below is a consent form giving your son/ daughter permission to participate in athletics. This consent form allows your child to practice and play in games with your full understanding and agreement to your child's physical conditions to take part in KAS athletic activities. It is also a waiver of injury. Parents/Guardians understand that KAS is not liable for any injuries that may occur while participating in these sports, whether games (home or away) or practice. Also, it is understood that practices, scrimmages, and games may be held away from KAS, and that KAS is not liable in transportation (Parents/Guardians will be notified of where these other facilities are located prior to their begins). It is important to know that in sports involving training, this means that training will include various forms of minor/major physical activities to enhance student-athletes' developments. As practicing and playing in any sport always runs the risk of injury, injuries can be kept to a minimum when it is done in safe conditions. It is understood that KAS cannot be held liable for any injuries that possibly occur while safety precautions have been given and are administered. KAS will strive to provide the safest environment possible to maximize our students athletic experiences. Thank you.
本表單是家長/監護人允許貴子女參與KAS體育團隊運動的同意與免責同意書。在簽署此同意書下,家長/監護人同意,也了解貴子女身體健康狀況無虞可參與KAS提供的體育訓練與競賽練習等活動。家長/監護人也同意KAS在提供相對安全的環境照護下,對於參加運動(在校內或校外)的孩子在練習或比賽中可能發生的任何傷害 (包含外出交通運輸過程中) 不負任何法律相關權責。KAS會在運動團隊外出比賽時,主動提前告知家長/監護人其外出前往其他賽事的相關位置。最重要的,家長/監護人與貴子女了解在任何涵蓋訓練的運動團隊中,訓練將包括各種不同形式與程度的練習與比賽,目的是增強學生運動員在身心與技術上的平衡發展。KAS了解在任何一項運動中進行練習中,不同程度的受傷可能會出現,但在提供安全條件的前提下進行操作時,KAS會盡全力把任何可能發生的運動傷害的情事降至最低。在此前提下,家長/監護人同意在KAS已經做出並實施安全預防措施的情況下,對任何可能發生的傷害提供最大的照護, 但不負任何法律相關權責。 KAS將努力提供最安全的學習與練習環境,來安全也有效的提升貴子女在校的體育運動體驗。感謝您的合作,理解,,與支持。
I/we have read and understand the above waiver/consent. I/we give permission for my child to participate in KAS athletic sports teams. We understand that KAS will not be held liable for any injuries as is mentioned in the above waiver. (我/我們已閱讀並理解以上豁免/同意相關內容。 我/我們允許我的孩子參加KAS運動隊。 我們了解KAS對上述豁免中提到的任何傷害不負責相關法律權責。) *
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