OLLI Online: Course Proposal Form
Thank you for your interest in proposing to teach a course with OLLI at HSU.

All OLLI classes will be offered online between Sept. 21 to Dec. 11 2020. OLLI will set up and host classes using Zoom Online Communication. We will provide orientation and training to all instructors and students.

We will once again offer $15 online classes to celebrate OLLI's 15 year anniversary.

If you are interested in teaching with us, please fill out the form and we will be in touch with next steps.

A note about this form: when you fill out the form, we use this information to populate documents and forms for review and building your course. Please capitalize proper names, use upper and lower case, and puncuation.

How it works:
You propose a course, including a brief description, your preferred meeting dates & times. 
Once the course is accepted, OLLI arranges ZOOM setup, marketing, registers students & collects payment.
You teach your course to a fabulous community of lifelong learners.
You are paid 50% of the income generated from the course.

Please note: All OLLI instructors must be a current member of OLLI and should have taken at least one OLLI class prior to submitting a course proposal. Also, if you have not previously taught for OLLI at HSU or the College of Extended Education & Global Engagement, please send a résumé or curriculum vitae to Kim Laney, OLLI Coordinator: olli@humboldt.edu or to Humboldt State University, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, 1 Harpst St., Arcata, CA 95521.
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Please provide a brief two-or three-sentence biography for promotional purposes. Subject to editing.
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Please provide a one or two word title that can be listed in the OLLI Catalog, such as botanist, historian, adventurer etc. See the spring 2020 OLLI Catalog for more examples and how the titles are used.
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Please share what the student will learn by taking this class
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Please describe your course
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Please note, we request that you provide a non-copywrite, high resolution image related to your class to be used on the OLLI website We also request a current photo of you to use on our OLLI faculty page. If you don't have photos, please provide a description or keyword we can use to search for photos. Otherwise, please send your photos to OLLI@humboldt.edu .
Please indicate day of week, and date (s)you would like to offer your class. For example: Wed., Sept. 23 or Thur., Oct. 1-15. *
Please indicate the time of day you would like to offer your class. For example: 10 a.m.-noon or 2-4 p.m. (please be sure to include a.m. or p.m.) *
I want my class to be part of the OLLI 15 year celebration: please make the fee for my class $15 (single meetings only)
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Maximum number of students *
Please note OLLI has changed our policy on minimum number of students. We do our best to ensure that classes are not canceled due to low enrollment. In most cases, we consider five enrolled students to be a viable course. If you are not willing to teach a class with a minimum of five students, please contact the OLLI Coordinator before submitting your proposal.
Course Enrollment Confirmation Information *
Course Enrollment Confirmations are automatically sent to students 24 hours after their enrollment is processed and then a reminder is sent three days before the class start date. Course Enrollment Confirmations automatically include data such as title, instructor, date, time and meeting place. What we need from you is any additional information you would like your student to know before your class begins. If you have a special welcome or meeting place or materials you want them to bring this is where is should be included.
If you have any other questions, comments or information that we should know about please use the space below.
Next Steps
If you would like to keep a copy of this form please print the form before you hit the submit button. The information you have provided will be presented to the OLLI Director and the Curriculum Committee for review and approval. You will be notified once your proposal has been received and processed. If you do not hear from the OLLI office please contact OLLI@humboldt.edu to confirm receipt.We will send you a copy of the course information once it has been approved.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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