Captioning Reading Experience
There are captioning guidelines for media and live events. However, there is not enough data on optimal captioning reading experience of deaf and hard of hearing people. For example, captions are too small or too thin, don't have background for better color contrast, and so on.

So Audio Accessibility is doing a survey. The survey has 16 questions. 14 questions are multiple choice. It should take no more than 5 minutes.

To take this survey:

- You must be deaf or hard of hearing.
- You must be 18 or older.
- You must answer all questions (except for the last one #16 that is optional)

All answers are anonymous - no personal data will be collected. Please do not share any personal information in the survey such as names, mailing addresses, contact information, etc.

When enough answers are collected, Audio Accessibility will publish the results on their website. If you want to see the results sooner and to have more people fill out the survey, please share the survey far and wide.

If you have any questions, contact via online form on

Thank you!
1 - Are you deaf or hard of hearing? *
2 - Where do you live? *
3 - Age *
4 - How often do you use captions? *
5 - How long have you used captions? *
6 - Where do you watch captions? *
You can pick one or more checkboxes.
7 - Text color contrast of captions *
Which caption color contrast is easiest for you to read?
8 - Caption location in a video *
Where do you prefer to read captions in a video?
9 - Font style of captions *
Which caption font style is easiest for you to read?
10 - Letter case of captions *
Which caption letter case is easiest for you to read?
11 - Caption chunking *
Which caption chunking is easiest for you to read?
12 - Live captions at events (NOT in movie theaters) *
If live captions are projected on a screen at an event, how do you prefer to read them? The example of an event would be a presentation by a speaker at a conference or a workshop, for example, where captions are provided in real time. It's NOT a movie at a theater (that has POST-production captions).
13 - POST-production captions in videos *
When watching a POST-production video, is it easier for you to read unedited live captions by a real time captioner recorded during an event or do you prefer offline video captions edited and added after the event by a video captioner?
14 - Are you familiar with captioning quality guidelines? *
15 - Type any random word and any random number that come to your mind (for verification purposes) *
Your answer
16 - If you want to share any thoughts about your experience with quality of captions, feel free to write here. Answer here is optional, not required.
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