Bellingham Band Lottery VI
Hello potential Bellingham Band Lottery Participants! There are a few things you need to know and some requirements to go over before submitting your participation request form.

1) You must be available to come to the Wild Buffalo on both Sunday, January 1st (Draft Day) as well as Sunday, January 15th (The Band Lottery Performance). On Draft Day, we will draw all of the selected Band Lottery Participants out of a hat and you will meet and get to start discussing your game plan with your new band members. The draft will start at 7:30pm so you will be required to be there at that time to ensure your slot in this year's lottery. We realize that this is New Years Day so we'll have free pizza and cheap drinks available to nurse your hangovers from the night before. Also, because we are a 21+ venue, we ask that all band lottery participants are over the age of 21.

2) Filling out this form does not 100% guarantee that you will be in January's band lottery. You will receive an email letting you know if we still have spaces available. Don't fret if we didn't have room for you in this lottery as we will definitely be hosting this event again in the near future!

3) This is not a competition. This is a chance to leave your ego and professional concerns at home. This is a sprint, not a marathon. Be prepared to create music you wouldn't normally play, in an insanely short window of time, with people you wouldn't normally dream of playing with. The object is to HAVE FUN in a one-night-only revelation and celebration of the Bellingham music community. We will be charging $3 at the door and all of the proceeds will be going to Make.Shift!

On the first Friday of September 2010, as Jinx Art Space’s 2nd anniversary show was about to start, 35 local musicians signed up to have their names randomly drawn, sorted, and assigned to one of several groups. In the next few days, names were pulled from a jar, contact information was dispersed, and 7 news bands were formed. The groups were given two weeks to meet their new band mates, name their new bands, and learn or write some new music.

On September 17th, they came back to Jinx for one live performance. The Band Lottery show was organized in the hope that it would be good for the Bellingham music community, and with confidence that at the very least it would be a spectacle sure to draw a crowd. Masterpiece or train wreck, we knew we’d get a bunch of people to show up and watch. The outcome was a surprise to everyone involved. The result of weeks of hard work by all seven bands and the participation (and patience) of the audience that filled the steamy basement for the entire show was a sight that I can honestly say was one of the best things I’ve ever been lucky enough to be a part of. The musicians involved took risks, left their egos at home, and made some magic.

From the Jinx basement to the Shakedown stage and soon to the Wild Buffalo, every one of these shows has been full of love and joy and even some great musical moments. This will be the fifth Bellingham Band Lottery and, with the much larger venue and its fantastic staff, a brand-new kind of extravaganza. It's sure to be a glorious mess and I can't wait to see what comes of it.

Good luck. Play nice. Have fun.
-Michelle Schutte, former owner of Jinx Art Space

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