Moffat County Youth Action Council 20/21 Application
"MCYAC's vision is of a community in which teens have a voice in social, political, and environmental issues.
Our mission is to raise awareness of issues important to teens and enable their voices to be heard, providing solutions and fresh, innovative ideas. As leaders amongst our peers, we exemplify that teens are committed to education, health/wellness, the environment and community service."

As a member of MCYAC, YOU will be responsible for working with your peers to create change in your community. The adult facilitators will help you gain the activism knowledge, skills, and opportunities you need to make a difference.

We believe in safe, supportive, and engaging spaces for all identities, where you can find fellowship and connect to like-minded peers.

- Must be in grades 8-12 during the 20/21 school year
- Must be either a resident or school attendee in Moffat County
- Must have or be willing to work on good communication skills
- Must be committed to working well with diverse peers
- Must be action-oriented and eager to learn & grow!

For any question, please contact Megan Smith at or Noah Bumenberg at
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