Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus - Registration
Aloha & Mahalo for your interest in the Hawaii Youth Opera Chorus. There are five (5) sections to complete - Student Information | Parent/Guardian Information | Emergency Information | Demographics & Other Information | Agreements - Please be mindful of the * REQUIRED * fields with the red asterisk; those must be completed in order to submit your registration. MAHALO!!
Student Information
This section is for STUDENT SPECIFIC Information. If your child has his or her own email or mobile number, please provide it in this section. Parent specific information will be collected later in this form.
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Student Email Information
HYOC takes information privacy very seriously and we endeavor to take all necessary precautions to keep your and your child(ren)ʻs information safe and secure. We assume that communication on behalf of students younger than age thirteen (13) will be handled by parent(s) or guardian(s). We use a web-based chorus management system (Chorus Connection) to manage various aspects and functions of HYOC and also use it to keep in contact with students and their parent(s)/guardian(s). For privacy reasons, parents who wish to allow their child aged twelve (12) or younger to access and interact with the online system MUST provide their written & signed permission to do so.

If the STUDENT is 13 years of age or OLDER, you may enter the student's email below (Otherwise, it is OK to leave BLANK) - DO NOT ENTER a parent or guardian's email address in the Student's Email Address field - PARENT/GUARDIAN email addresses will be collected later in the form.

You may include Student's Mobile, regardless of student's age.

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