Summer Baby Exchange

1. Kits must be between 19-24”
2. Only first quality kits (ie no seconds!)

By joining this baby exchange, you agree not to put the baby you receive in the exchange on eBay or any other source that would profit you financially for the reborn you receive. You may, however, give it away or donate it to a charity of your choice. There will be a few check points along the way.......

Anybody who fails to submit information requested at each check point, may be removed from the exchange. This is to ensure that everybody who signed up stays on task and will be able to ship their babies out on time. We realize that life happens and things occur. If at any point during the exchange, you have an emergency, contact me by email or PM as soon as possible so we can be aware of any problems that may arise as a result and take steps, if necessary, to assist you in getting your baby delivered on time.

You also agree to do the best you can in making your baby the very best you possibly can. You also acknowledge that not everybody is on the same skill level and should know that your baby has been made with a loving heart! I will, when possible, try to match skill levels as closely as possible.

This exchange is really about the baby, and not the layette. Please try to limit your layette to the outfit your baby will arrive in and not more than two extra outfits. You may include a birth certificate, blanket, and any accessories you feel would complete your layette … such as bracelets, booties, hair bows, paci’s, etc.

All babies must be shipped between September 1st and 6th.
***You MUST send me via email or PM, the tracking number of the package you send.***

Box opening photos are highly encouraged and looked forward to by everyone!! If you’re not able to post pictures, you must post a public thank you in the forum Summer Baby Exchange when you receive your baby. **Box photos are required though in order to be entered into the FREE Kit GIVEAWAY!!!

As a way to reward those who have participated fully to the end will be entered into a drawing for a FREE baby kit from ME! I hope this will give extra incentive to those who enter to follow through till the end. This kit will be randomly selected at the end of the exchange. Once the winner is posted, so will a picture of all the items the winner will receive, **MAY INCLUDE EXTRAS**

Check points are as follows:

*Sign ups begin May 16, 2013 and end May 31, 2013 at midnight PST. via this online form.

The following items will be sent to my email address or (PM) MyFriendLizzy

*First check point June 15th- Photos due of the kit you have chosen, and materials.
*Second check point June 30th - first WIP photos
*Third check point July 25th - second WIP photos **(failure to submit at this point will result in removal)
*Final check point August 30th - Completed baby pictures *(Must include pictures of baby as well as any other items you wish to include, packed inside the box to which it will be mailed in. As well as pictures of the box sealed with your return name and address visible.)

***Once I receive the final pictures that show your baby is ready to be shipped is when you will receive the address of the recipient! This will guarantee that only those who have completed a baby, will receive a one in return!***

*Shipping starts September 1st and ends September 6th! You MUST email tracking information to me. If, after reading and agreeing to all this you still want to join in the exchange, Fill out the form below. 

CODE OF ETHICS: Only new, and UN-used, quality materials shall be used in making these babies!! The following materials are ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed as fillers: dirt/sand, garbage/paper, cat littler, or rubber gloves!! FYI Walmart sells pantyhose booties that are ideal for $0.33 a pair.
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