CRN North Thames PRES survey 2020/21 - Children 0-6 years
You have been asked to complete this survey because your child or a child you care for has taken part in research supported by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), which funds and supports research in the NHS as well as public health and social care research.

Part of the role of the NIHR is about making research better so that people like you who take part have the best experience possible. We would value your feedback in this survey to help us do this.

Taking part in the survey is voluntary, you do not have to fill this form in. It generally takes up to five minutes to complete. Your answers will be shared anonymously with local research delivery teams and with the NIHR nationally to help improve research.

This survey is for ages 0-6.

For more information
Twitter: @NIHRCRN_nthames

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