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Over 2000 members and counting!

The UK Games Industry Slack Group is accepting new members! We made this Slack so people in our industry had a place to connect, chat and learn from each other. We welcome not just developers but artists, designers, streamers, marketers, QA agents, business developers, attorneys, accountants and more - if you're a part of the UK Games Industry, you belong here.

You can read more about our policies and stated goals here:

As well as discussion channels around major topics, the Slack features off-topic chat channels, local community channels, gaming event channels, a Jobs channel for hiring and being hired, channels for showing off your work and special interest channels for certain groups. In the past we've hosted special Slack events for the World Cup and Secret Santa.

PLEASE NOTE: We process applications in waves. We usually process applications every few days, except during major events when most of the Admin team are busy. We only respond to successful applications.

To get your invite, just fill out the form below correctly and if you qualify, we'll add you in the next wave.

To apply to join this slack you must meet the following criteria:
- Live in the UK or Ireland
- Work in the games industry

We do not accept:
- Students (sorry, there are other slacks)
- People who don't currently work (freelance or employed) in the games industry
- People who don't currently live in the UK or Ireland

We don't intend for the UK Games Industry Slack to be particularly exclusive - anyone who meets the above criteria should be added at some point.
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