Electricity Service Questionnaire

Thank you for taking this short, 2-minute survey. Responses are anonymous and will be used to better understand what Contra Costa County residents and business owners think about their current and future electricity service.

Thank you!
If you could choose your electricity service and provider, which of the following would have the greatest influence on your decision? *
How much of your current electric service do you think comes from renewable sources (like wind, solar, geothermal)? *
Please feel free to make your best guess.
If you could upgrade your electricity service to have 100% renewable energy for ~$4 more on your monthly PG&E bill, would you? Why or why not? *
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If you could purchase your electricity from a new Contra Costa County solar farm for about 33% more on your monthly PG&E bill, would you?
How important is renewable energy and/or reducing your carbon footprint to you? *
Not important
Very important
How satisfied are you with PG&E's electric services? *
Not at all satisfied (I would gladly take service from any provider besides PG&E)
Extremely satisfied (I am loyal to PG&E and would not consider another provider)
Please describe what makes you satisfied or dissatisfied about your current electric service?
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What have you heard about MCE and its services? How do you feel about MCE? *
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Where do you live? *
If you answered "other" above, please specify:
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