2018-2019 Parent Bullying Survey
You will find questions in this survey regarding your child's school environment. Please choose the most honest answer. Please note that this survey is completely anonymous.
1. My child's school is a positive place. *
2. I feel welcomed when when I go to my child's school. *
3. The staff at my child's school are available to help with problems my child is experiencing. *
4. Staff at my child's school explains the meaning of acceptable school behavior to the students. *
5. The staff at my child's school care about his/her success. *
6. The staff/administration at my child's school keeps me informed about changes in policy, procedures, and routines. *
7. The staff at my child's school communicates to parents about the behaviors they expect of my child. *
8. Students are following the rules of the school (e.g. dress code, cell phone). *
9. My child is being disruptive at school. *
10. Students are bullying my son/daughter at school. *
11. Students are bullying and intimidating one another before or after school. *
12.Students are bullying or intimidating one another over the internet (such as on Facebook). *
13. The staff/administration at my child's school are doing what is reasonably expected to address bullying. *
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