PCF Holiday Throwdown - Athlete Registration
11/20/17 UPDATE: As of this date, all future responses will be placed on a waitlist. We will reach out if any slots open up.

Rx - Mixed - Scaled divisions. Teams of 3, any gender make-up (MMM, FFF, MFF, FMM). December 8th, 6:30pm @ Potomac. Holiday Party to follow.

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Rx Athletes: While programming has not been set for the Holiday Throwdown, athletes may expect to see the following: muscle-ups (ring and/or bar), handstand push-ups, power cleans (185/125), snatches (135/85), double-unders, kettlebell swings (70/53), heavy dumbbells (55/35), overhead squats (95+/65+), et al.

Mixed Teams: At least ONE athlete on your team must be able to complete Rx movements (as indicated above).

Scaled Teams: All three athletes on your team must definitively be scaled athletes (you complete most workouts of the day at L1 or L2). If you are an Rx athlete who is injured, you may not compete as a scaled athlete. If you are injured, you should be competing in any division.

Event coordinators reserve the right to maneuver athletes/teams to a division other than the one indicated below (e.g. if a an athlete who completes 90% of workouts at PCF as Rx'd, but registers here as a scaled athlete, they and their team may be moved to a different division).

All workouts, except the final event, will be released by mid-November.

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