Pre-registration form for all courses 2021-2023
Thank you for registering interest to study with YogaVahini. We would like to familiarize you with our programs and process of intake and preparation required to be part of these programs.

All our training programs are quite intensive and rigorous requiring a great deal of commitment and hard work (that may not be apparent from the outside ;)). We want you to be sure this is the School you want to study with and we want to be assured that you will find the learning process comfortable, interesting and beneficial.

Most of our long term programs (YITP, YP, YA, YV) require a preparatory time of a minimum of 6 months to one year. If you are interested in any of the upcoming programs, we would like you to register your interest NOW. We would like to meet you for a short online interview and put you on to a mentor in our school for starting with your personal practice.

Please find the status of our upcoming programs and the preparation required:

Yoga Vaidya 2021-23 - intake completed.

Yoga Prayogam to Yoga Vaidya - Next program starts in March 2022 for the next Yoga Vaidya. Interested applicants to register interest and start with your personal practice with a mentor. If you are a teacher from another tradition, this lead period will help you familiarise with the way a personal yoga practice is designed and taught for individual needs. It will help you understand how to work in an intense and subtle manner with the breath, asanas and meditative practices. You will also be able to learn the philosophy and principles behind the personalised application of yoga. Only a firm grounding in your personal practice in this tradition will give you a firm grounding for preparing for further training. For Yoga Prayogam (Foundations for Yoga Vaidya), we can only accept people with an established daily personal yoga practice for at least one year and teaching actively for at least a year.

Yoga Instructor Training (Level I Teacher Training) - Scheduled to begin in January 2022. Interested applicants to register interest and start with your personal practice with a mentor. Unless you have an established personal practice for at least 6 months in this tradition, you will not be accepted into this program.

Yoga Sadhana: Upcoming batches June - July 2021 & October - December 2021.
This is the beginners' (and anyone who wants to begin again) program for 8 weeks. Please register interest so we can meet you and start you off with your personal practice with a mentor.
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