~SongBird~ Blogger Application
█████████About ~SongBird~█████████
~Songbird~ specializes in high quality horror makeup, special effects make up, clothing and accessories for the gothic and grotesque sub cultures. ~Songbird~ is a high end store that needs the same of their bloggers. Those that have interest in the macabre. If this type of subculture interests you please do have a look at ~Songbird~'s marketplace and store before you make your choice. The blogger group is a subscription system so no group space required!

Marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/4300

Store Blog: http://songbird.nimil-blackflag.net/

Further questions please contact Nimil Blackflag

If yes, below are a few requirements before consideration.

█████████~SongBird~ Blogger Requirements█████████
1> Must blog at least ONE (1) item from the blogger packs given within a reasonable amount of time. a reasonable amount of time is considered to be 1 month (4 weeks after item sent). blogs are checked once a week after a release is sent out for 4 weeks, if no post is found after 4 weeks a strike is placed against your blog. after 3 strikes, if no contact has been made prior about hiatus, or other issues, you will be removed from the blogger list. items may be sent for specific bodies/parts/avatars, those are listed in the checkbox section below. if you have indicated that you do not have a specific part, that bloggable item will not count against you.

2> your blog must be at least 6 months old and consistantly blogged in for those 6 months. this does not mean 1 post a month for 6 months. bloggers with EXCEPTIONAL quality in photos with a high follower count on flickr may have this requirement waved.

3> Must have decent graphics and blogging skills. this means your photos must be of relatively good quality, not jaggy, high graphics level, good lighting, and ability to photograph yourself wearing items that makes it easy to see what you are wearing. you write coherently, can spell out words, and know how to make products fit your specific body shape. obviously with rigged mesh this is done for you, but unrigged mesh items that need to be adjusted to suit, should be. you are representing my brand and therefore should ensure that my products (and all other products that you blog from others) are shown in their best possible light.

4> must always credit ~SongBird~ when showing an item sent to you to blog. if the item is for an event please put that in your credits as well with an slurl to the event.

5> must ALWAYS inform me (nimil blackflag) if you require time off, are having computer issues, ect, and are unable to blog items. this ensures you are not removed from the list.

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