AAUW NJ Teentech Volunteer Form

AAUW members who would like to work on Teentech events please complete this form. Respondents will be contacted by someone from the AAUW NJ STEM Team, to follow up, and get you engaged.

Please volunteer for one or more locations and/or positions!

Volunteers are needed for "Planning/Preparation/Follow-up" and for "Day of Event" Positions. Some positions have already been filled at some locations. You will be contacted by someone from the AAUW NJ STEM Team or from the location of interest, to let you know how you can participate.

May 3: Rowan College at Burlington County
May 29: Stockton University
May 31: Montclair State University

Please visit the website, for information about each location:


Thank you,

Teri Passarello - AAUW NJ Teentech Coordinator

For general questions about Teentech events please email: aauwnjteentech@gmail.com

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Teentech is a one-day event designed to demonstrate that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and careers are exciting, relevant, and accessible to girls and women.
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Please volunteer for one or more positions!
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There is a need for Planning/Preparation/Follow-up Volunteers and Day of Event Volunteers. Please see the AAUW NJ Volunteer Position Descriptions for the details of each position:
Planning/Preparation/Follow-up Positions
- AAUW NJ Teentech Coordinator - Oversees entire Teentech Program (multiple locations); Recruits future host Colleges/Universities (C/U) for Teentech events.

- AAUW NJ Teentech Chair - Oversees the Teentech event for a particular location and date.

- Registrar - Must be comfortable using Google Sheets to keep track of and share information. - Oversees the registration process for the particular event.

- Registrar Assistant - Assists the Registrar, particularly in pre-event activities (including assigning students to workshops) and in on the day activities.

- Packet Assembly Coordinator - Serves as the coordinator for assembling the "Student Packets" during the week before the event.

- Packet Assembly Team Member - Help with the Student Packet stuffing.

- Educator Program Coordinator - Lines up panelists, or plans a new program for the educators who bring the students to Teentech.

- Volunteer and Logistical Coordinator - - Works with the college's staff and AAUW volunteers to develop and communicate instructions for the day-of the event (help Registrar prepare content of the emails to the educators re: logistics)

- Evaluation Analyst - Planning/Preparation/Follow-up (One per Event) Collects, records and summarizes evaluation/survey forms after the event. Help with development of the evaluation process.

- Public Relations - Oversees Public Relations both internally and externally to AAUW regarding Teentech events.

For each Volunteer Position of interest: Please check off 2019 or 2020
Planning/Preparation Position
AAUW NJ Teentech Coordinator
AAUW NJ Teentech Chair
Registrar Assistant
Packet Assembly Coordinator
Packet Assembly Team Member
Educator Program Coordinator
Volunteer and Logistical Coordinator
Evaluation Analyst
Public Relations
Other (Indicate in comments)
Day of Event Positions
- AAUW NJ Teentech Chair/Representative - This position is performed by the Teentech Chair or their representative. (Must be available from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm at event location) – Oversees the Teentech event for a particular location and date. (See Position Descriptions for further details.)

- Day-Of Facilitators - (Must be available from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm at event location) Help with logistics on the day of Teentech

For each Volunteer Position of interest: Please check off 2019 or 2020
Day of Event Positions
AAUW NJ Teentech Chair/Representative
Day-Of Facilitators
Other (indicate in comments)
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