9HSIE7: Getting to know you Survey
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1. My favourite subject last year was... *
2. The best thing about school is... *
3. The worst thing about school is... *
4. My best friend/s at school is/are... *
5. Some of my hobbies and interests are.... *
6. Things I find easy about learning and school work are... *
7. Things I find difficult about learning and school work are... *
8. Do you have any cultural sensitivities regarding seeing/hearing images and voices of people who have passed. *
9. Rate your confidence level in composing extended responses in class, for homework and assessment tasks? [1 is low and 5 is high] *
10. Do you feel supported and connected at school? Why / Why not? *
11. How can I, and your other teachers, support you better? *
12. How likely are you to speak to a trusted adult, teacher or counsellor if you are going through a rough time? [1 is Highly UNlikely, 5 is Very Likely] *
13. Two other things that I wish my teacher knew about me are... *
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