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Please register here for the Bikeability Programme. Through this programme you will learn how to cycle, starting off from the very basics to more advanced techniques, in line with the UK's National Standards.
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General Terms and Conditions
• You agree to complete the training course as agreed upon with the instructor.
• Register and activate a nextbike account.
• €10 will be requested upon registration.
• You agree to fill in and sign a waiver form on the start of the training.
• You agree to be at the training venue at least 10mins before the stipulated starting time.
• You are required to inform your course trainer in the case of being late for your training.
• You will notify nextbike Malta of any health problems that are of relevance to the training
• nextbike Malta is not responsible for any personal injury or death that may result from this programme
• You agree to make use of safety equipment that is recommended or provided by nextbike.

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