BEST DAY STORY TRACKER: A 2-in-1 Story Recording and Progress Tracking Tool
Inspired by the friendship between a grandmother and granddaughter, The Best Day of My Life So Far's mission is to reduce older adult isolation and promote intergenerational engagement through storytelling.

Our Story Tracker is a powerful tool that allows you to build discipline, record older adults' stories (using 1 form per story), and track improvements in their health and yours. If you're new to the Best Day community (welcome!) and want to start out with a simpler story recording tool, check out our Story Notecard at

Before using our Tracker, make sure to request the storyteller's permission to retell the story. Your submission gives Best Day permission to share its content in print, online or at events. To get the most out of your storylistening experience, review our tips at Visit to SUBSCRIBE to our inspirational newsletter, SUBMIT more stories and reflections, and DONATE to help end older adult isolation. Happy Story Tracking!

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Journal freely. Don't overthink it. Let your emotions and instincts be your guide.
Describe your conversation today and your ongoing relationship in your words. What were some memorable moments? How has this relationship impacted each of you?
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Use these quick, multiple-choice questions to see the impact you are making.
The older adult now spends more time with family/friends.
The older adult now feels more comfortable using technology.
The older adult now looks forward to spending time with people who are younger.
The older adult now thinks more clearly - his/her memory has improved.
Remembering the past is more important to the older adult.
The older adult is better able to express his/her feelings. 
How was your relationship with the older adult like BEFORE you began listening to his/her stories?
No real relationship
Strong, genuine connection
How is your relationship like now?
No real relationship
Strong, genuine connection
How many stories have this older adult shared, so far?
When do you and the older adult plan to get together for another story?
As expressed by our sunshine-inspired logo, we believe that your personal conversation today has the power to spread love and and grow community. Simply by sharing your experience, you can inspire your friends to reach out to the older adults in their lives too.
Use the space to draft a social media post about your experience. Post it with a photo of you and the storyteller, or photo about the story's topic. Tag @bestdayofmylifesofar on Instagram/Facebook and @bestdaysofar on Twitter... this is YOUR Best Day story... so far!
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