Pacific Northwest Labor History Association Election 2019
Election Form Results Accepted From April 15, 2019 Through April 25, 2019. Votes cast after this date will not be counted.
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President PNHLA (Vote for One)
Candidate Statements: Tom Lux: I am a retired member of Machinist District 751 where I was on staff for the last eight years of my employment. I have been active in PNLHA for several years serving as a Trustee, Vice-President – WA, and President since 2015. I believe PNLHA serves a wonderful role in our labor movement and I strive to grow our organization and to help it be stronger as one organization while being active in our local areas
Vice President BC (Vacant)
Vice-President OR (Vacant)
Vice-President WA
Candidate Statements: Conor Casey: I am excited at the prospect of continuing to serve the PNLHA as the Washington Vice President. I have been a PNLHA member since moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2010, I have served as Washington Trustee since 2012, and have served on the 2015 and 2018 Conference Planning Committees, and have served as Washington State Vice President since 2017. My service to PNLHA also includes initiating the migration of the PNLHA website and initiating the transition into the email list management system Constant Contact. The PNLHA has represented a key organization to present my research, collaborate with professionally as the director of the Labor Archives of Washington, and a key stakeholder in work as labor archivist. Thank you for considering my candidacy.
US Treasurer (Vote for One)
Candidate Statements: Brenda Doolittle: I, Brenda Doolittle, am PNLHA Treasurer USA. I was appointed and then elected to this position 6 years ago which includes being a member of the PNLHA Executive Board. I have been involved in the promoting of the PNLHA labor history calendar for the past 20 years assisting Ross Rieder. My commitment to PNLHA in preserving labor history for the people of the Pacific Northwest is an on-going goal.
Canada Treasurer (Vacant)
Secretary (Vacant)
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