How do you prefer to learn?
Humans learn in many different ways, usually with emphasis on auditory, visual, or tactile methods.

I have always learned best by getting my hands dirty. If that wasn't an option, my study routine was a bit more complex. It consisted of 1. reading everything, 2. looking at all the pictures, 3. creating bullet point flash cards, 4. speaking the same notes aloud while recording an audio cassette tape, and 5. spending hours replaying that cassette, listening over and over, until I could hear it in my dreams. (If you know what a cassette tape is, I love you already!)

I am dominantly tactile and visual. I also help solidify the lesson by rewriting everything in my own words. I also like to talk it through (usually to myself, reflected in the mirror, microphone in hand...sometimes to my sister but her eyes glazed over with boredom pretty quickly...the dog though, she was always patient), and then I needed to hear that information spoken back to me. Without realizing it, I utilized different methods of training my brain to retain information!

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